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Green Benefits

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All our ranges provide numerous advantages over traditional products.

Carbon Footprint

PDS take our environmental responsibility very seriously. We recognize that our customers share the desire to reduce their own carbon footprint as well as that of the industry as a whole.That's why we are proud to be able to highlight the multiple green benefits of our products throughout manufacture, installation and usage.

Kinder To The Enviroment

There's none of the environmental cost of extracting natural resources from the ground as is required for traditional concrete or metal products. All our production is based in the UK so the environmental cost of transport is reduced. Because the units are much lighter, less traffic is required to transport them to site and there is little or no need for on-site machinery for installation.

End Of Life Recycling

The durability of the products means there is no waste through breakage, and if no longer required on site our units can even be reused elsewhere or recycled into new products. All this means the overall carbon footprint is reduced throughout the lifetime of the product.

Recycling Culture

PDS strive to create a company culture that manages our environmental impact through a series of policy commitments as outlined in our Environmental Policy Statement.

Watch The Video

You can watch this short video showing how our products - including Envirokerb, Envirochannel and Envirograte - are made entirely from recycled materials. By using the latest innovative manufacturing techniques we are recycling thousands of tonnes of waste that would otherwise be destined for landfill in the UK or overseas.