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Product Installation

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Our Key Installation Benefits Include:


Our standard units are up to 70% lighter than traditional concrete drainage products and fall within the 25kg limit for manual lift, eliminating the need for on-site machinery for installation.

Health and Safety

The lighter unit weight means fewer workplace injuries, lost workdays or costly compensation claims. The risks from harmful dust, noise and vibration when cutting the units are much reduced compared to concrete.

One-Piece Design

The innovative one-piece design means there is no need for jointing two components as required with some existing systems - and a reduced risk of breakage if left exposed on site. There is also reduced risk of failure of the unit as often happens on concrete channels with metal gratings.

Precision Manufactured

PDS products are manufactured to a high aesthetic finish. The units can be provided in a range of colours to match the appearance of your scheme or to delineate road edges.

Hydraulic Efficiency

The superior quality finish provides better hydraulic efficiency and improves the self-cleaning capabilities of the system compared to concrete or metallic units.


All our units are tested to Group D400 loading class, highly resistant to side impact and up to 30 times stronger than equivalent concrete products, making them almost unbreakable during and after installation - as demonstrated in this video. The materials are fully resistant to petrol, diesel and oil, and are not affected by road salts.

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