Honel 325 - Galvanised Steel

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Honel 325 is a durable galvanised mild steel section designed to efficiently remove water away from the bridge deck. The channel is supplied in two-metre lengths for ease of installation and is compliant with the National Highways requirements.

The Honel 325 channel is installed directly onto the waterproofing layer using a polyester resin to prevent any voids from forming during installation. The channel is blacktop heatproof and we recommend coverage of a minimum of 80mm.

A compatible flushing box is also available to ensure that the Honel 325 channel is easily maintainable, ensuring the system’s integrity and lifetime operation.


Drain Section

Can be fitted to any required length. The standard unit is 2m long.


Channel end caps are used at all open ends to prevent ingress of blacktop and debris.




All of our outlets are designed to be compatible with the 325 sub-surface channel and the Honel 302 through decks.

They are available in a straight outlet format as shown, or at a 90 degree crank and a four-way X piece.




We provide several different joints to enable inter-connectivity of the channel throughout the deck surface.


Joints available are the T joints as shown, as well as left and right hand 90 degree cranked, and left hand and right hand 45 degree Y joints.


Transition Pieces

The transition piece, as shown, connects the Honel 325 channel to the flushing unit.


Flushing Unit Verge Box

The flushing box allows access to the installed Honel 325 sub-surface drainage system to enable jetting equipment to remove any silt build-up. This ensures that the system works to its total capacity throughout its service life.


Special arrangements can be made to order if required, for example joints to suit skew angled decks.


Honel 325 Series Arrangement


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